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Do not Replace the Rubber V Belt Immediately


Do not replace it when your Rubber V Belt fails on the […]

Do not replace it when your Rubber V Belt fails on the machine. Look at your belt and the machine is giving you a clue to what. In most cases, the belt will provide you with every information you need. We have to talk about what is meant when the lower side of the v belt is broken. There are many reasons why the belt may break.

The most common cause of the lower side of the rubber belt crack is due to overheating on the belt. When the belt is heated to a certain point, the rubber becomes softer (belt temperature range of -31 ° F to 158 ° F). With the rubber then cooled, the rubber crystals decompose, which in turn makes the belt more fragile. Because the belt is more fragile, so it is easier to break. To solve this problem, you need to remove the belt from the heat source or remove the heat source from the belt running area. If you can not move the heat source or belt drive system, you can install the heat shield at any time to reflect some heat

As you can see, the remaining possible causes may lead to excessive accumulation of heat. Both of these reasons are related to the storage of the rubber belt. The belt needs to be stored in the sun and non-extreme temperature areas. They also need to be in a non-humid place. In general, if stored correctly, the belt can last up to 5-7 years of storage.

If still can not solve the problem and check the rubber belt tension. You will be able to determine whether the belt is properly tensioned and the drive system is subject to great tension at the same time. If you can not be nervous, the belt can slide, if the belt is important, the belt may damage the pulley, causing the system to scream.