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CVT Belts are Important for CVT


A continuously variable transmission, also known as a C […]

A continuously variable transmission, also known as a CVT, uses a belt to allow the vehicle access to an unlimited number of gear positions. It has several advantages, such as improving the fuel economy of a vehicle. In order to understand this type of transmission, it is important to first understand how the manual or automatic transmission works.

The transmissions found in most cars, whether automatic or manual, have a fixed number of gears that can be switched between them. In an automatic vehicle, the car performs all the work, and the driver does not need to shift between the gears while driving. In a manual vehicle, the driver must use the gearshift and clutch to shift when its travel speed increases or decreases. When he does, he is engaged and disengaged from different sizes of gears. When the gear does not work properly, the transmission will wear out quickly.

So what makes the gears change? The answer is CVT belt. CVT uses the belt and variable slot width of the ratchet for power transmission, that is, when the ratchet change slot width, the corresponding change between the drive wheel and the drive wheel on the contact radius of the transmission belt, the belt with rubber, metal and metal chain. Depending on the strength of the belt, the vehicle may not get the same power. Invincible transmissions are limited by the strength of the parts that are transmitted at both power and speed. The transmission can also fail earlier than normal transmission, all depending on the belt of the transmission.

Replacing the CVT belt for a specified period of time is critical to the smooth operation of the car. At least, the failure of the belt can make the car fail until you can install the new belt, and even it can cause catastrophic CVT failure, which we absolutely do not want. General CVT belts are made of sturdy rubber and metal, but the final belt will wear and the engine will not work properly. So we should replace the transmission before the failure should be replaced.

CVT is really stepless, and its advantages are light weight, small size, fewer parts, compared with the AT has a high operating efficiency, low fuel consumption. But the shortcomings of CVT Belt is also obvious, that is, the belt is easy to damage, can not afford a larger load, can only be limited to 1 liter displacement of low power and low torque cars. So the replacement of cvt band for cvt is necessary.