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Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt Features


Everyone's abundant introduction, achievement our barte […]

Everyone's abundant introduction, achievement our barter can apprentice added about conveyor belt. has twenty years of conveyer Drive Belt assembly experience, the conveyor belt is beautiful, acceptable quality, acceptable barter to arise to altercate adjustment conveyor belt .

Along with the conveyor belt in the automated assembly in the added and added important position, conveyor belt collective becomes a new subject, now accepted conveyor belt collective is disconnected into two large: algid collective and thermal coupling. Why conveyor belt collective out simple fracture?

The backbone of the conveyor belt layup than accustomed with the backbone of the physique to low. Accepted use automated way connection, collective backbone can alone accomplish belt physique backbone forty - 50%, algid cement way superior is better, the collective backbone can ability the sixty - 70%, and hot cement collective backbone can ability 80-90% (joint adjustment is correct, no superior defects). Due to the collective locations of the backbone is lower, if cement collective adjustment is not correct, the backbone of the collective will be added low, such as operation, cutting and aching if the next band cloth, cutting excessive, lap breadth is not enough, the amount of steps, not cement collective acclimated elastic achievement is or has been back the sulfur failure, wire rope, wire braiding cutting boundless rust, etc., the backbone of the collective locations will be abundantly discounted, if use, is simple to arise the collective allotment off phenomenon. In addition, the conveyor belt if you don't use sealing glue, or cement collective is traveling in the amiss direction, collective locations decumbent to arise (surface cement parts).

Cold aggressive conveyor belt Product features: accept affection canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas for core, accoutrement cement application accustomed elastic and butadiene elastic and plastic, with top elasticity, appulse resistance, algid attrition etc., can be in forty ℃ beneath aught beneath the ambiance of accustomed use.

Technical indicators:

1, algid aggressive conveyor belt according to awning elastic achievement is disconnected into attrition to cantankerous able archetypal (H), abrasion attrition blazon (D), accepted blazon (L) blazon three types.

2, according to able achievement is disconnected into C1 and C2 two levels. Use of the ambiance temperature for - 45 - fifty ℃; Use of the ambiance temperature for - - fifty ℃.

2, specifications

(1) amount material: NN100, NN150, NN200, NN250, NN300, NN350, NN400, NN450, NN500

(2) bandwidth: 100 mm - 3000 mm

(3) bolt layer: 1-10 layer

(4) awning gum: face: 1.5-8.0 mm not face: 1.5-4.5 mm