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Automotivedrivingbelt Introduction Poly-belt


Poly automotivedrivingbelt comes in a range for standar […]

Poly automotivedrivingbelt comes in a range for standard widths and thicknesses. We can supply you with full rolls, or roll out a length to suit your needs.

Production Characteristics:

1).Poly v belt have the functions of both flat and v belt.

2).It is very limp and flexural for poly v belt to use for high speed and high transmission

3).The speed of cord reaches 40M/S.

4).It is very compact for the driving system.

5).The characteristic is slight vibration,less heat and little noise.

6). Heat-resisting,oil-resisting and abrade resistance.

Poly Belt being 2kg a square metre (for 2mm thickness), makes it compact and very easily freighted anywhere by truck, rail or boat.

Example: 1 Roll = 106m x 1.2m wide x 2mm Weighs 254kg