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Automotive V Belts Will Cause Noise Due To Dirt


Although the surface of the pulley due to sand or other […]

Although the surface of the pulley due to sand or other dirt or used in the reverse installation of the Automotive V Belts will lead to the belt issued a long screaming or harsh noise, but usually due to improper assembly caused by the auxiliary device.

If the noise occurs in a new car near the car, it may be due to poor quality of the original equipment caused. Check the visual parts that you think may cause a malfunction. If the above noise occurs in an old car, then you should consider its auxiliary drive some of the relevant accessories to be completely replaced. Carefully observe the possible replacement of the accessories (such as generators, steering pumps, etc.) to see if their mounting bracket is also likely to cause the pulley assembly inaccurate.

It is mentioned above that the dirt and sand between the automotive v belts and the pulley can also cause the above noise, so if the car is used in a dirty environment, check whether the surface of all pulleys is present.

Take the timing gear belt to say that the installation should be adjusted immediately. This is why the timing of the timing belt is marked. If you remove the timing gear belt and install the fashion back because of other maintenance work, you will hear sharp, harsh screams when the belt is running. Try to reverse the direction of the installation of the belt to see if the fault is gone.

Rumble is a more typical sound of the automotive v belts and the sound of the belt, especially in the auxiliary mechanism of the drive system, when the engine reaches a certain speed, the noise will increase significantly. The reason for this failure is generally due to the drive belt is too loose, too long stretch or belt tensioner, loose wheel damage.