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Automotive V Belts Is A Consumable


The dismantling and replacement of the engine Automotiv […]

The dismantling and replacement of the engine Automotive V Belts is one of the most common, critical and demanding processes in modern vehicle maintenance. A timing belt around the two institutions, the operation of the five systems, accurately control the intake, compression, work, exhaust and other travel time. If the replacement process is not up to standard, the technology is not mature, the method is not correct, the process will not directly affect the normal engine normal work.

Many overhead camshaft engines use automotive v belts or timing chains to deliver power and ensure the positional relationship between the crankshaft and the camshaft, allowing the engine's intake and exhaust valves to open or close at the appropriate time to ensure that the engine The cylinder can normally inhale and vent. Automotive v belts is made of rubber and fibrous material and is reinforced with fiberglass and other materials that are stretched and worn during use. For most engines with timing tapes, if the timing belt breaks, Will damage the engine.

The main role of automotive v belts is to drive the engine's air distribution mechanism, so that the engine valve in the appropriate time to open or close, to ensure that the engine cylinder can be normal breathing and exhaust.

Automotive v belts is a consumable product, and once the belt is broken, it is likely to cause the valve and the piston impact caused serious damage, so the belt must be based on the original designated mileage or time to replace. Then the case where the automotive v belts break will normally occur. General failures occur in traffic, especially at high speed. Fracture occurs mostly in the timing of the replacement period before and after the maintenance period. There is no precursor before the failure occurs suddenly.