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Automotive Belts Knowledge


Automotive V Belts are the most important part of the a […]

Automotive V Belts are the most important part of the automobile system. These are the control parts from where everything is regulated. These are ideal for drives where pulsating loads are present and protects the belt from external damage. There are many types, including AC belts, fan drive belts, distributor drive belts, multi pull poly V belts and the serpentine belts. These are commonly used in cars because of its simplicity and efficiency. It is composed of a long, sturdy belt that connects to different other belts, which in turn connect to different automotive functions. These peripheral belts include the belt alternator, air pump, power steering pump, fan drive belt and timing belt. It is used in cars as well as other light trucks and motor vehicles. However, these are somewhat weaker and smaller and hence require more frequent replacement from time to time.

The serpentine belt is the most common type of automotive belt used on most cars and trucks. Why we call it "serpentine" belt is just because they are long and their routing through accessories is "snake-like". This type of automotive belt usually powers a lot of accessories. They were designed to save space by connecting most, if not all of the accessories on the same plane, thereby eliminating the need to stack or stagger the accessories behind or in front of one another. A serpentine belt usually is ribbed on one side and flat on the other. This helps the belt stay in place. Typically, the ribbed side comes in contact with the ribbed pulley of an accessory such as your alternator. The flat side comes in contact with a smooth pulley such as an idler pulley which we'll discuss below. All belts are important, however I'm sure you can see how important this type of belt is because it may provide power to all of your engines accessories!

The V-belt is still used in modern automobiles. It is called a V-belt because its cross section view resembles the letter V. V-belts typically are used to power a single accessory such as your vehicle's air conditioning compressor. They are rather simple and fit into a V-shaped pulley. They are always used in pairs on cars.

Companies related to automotive V-Belts, oil seals and power transmission accessories, and automobile transmission manufacture multi-pull poly V-belts, shaft mounted speed reducer and automotive belts. These products are of great use for the people who have lights vehicles or the companies which produce light vehicles. These products are used in almost all applications within aggregate industry.