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Application and Characteristics of V Belt


V Belt drive is driven by the friction between the two […]

V Belt drive is driven by the friction between the two sides of the V-belt and the side of the groove. Compared with the flat belt drive, V belt drive friction is large, so you can pass a larger power. V belt is more flat structure, and V-belt is no belt of the belt, so the transmission is more stable, is the most widely used in a transmission drive.

Ordinary V-belt is a cross-shaped trapezoidal ring belt, it is suitable for small center distance and large transmission power transmission, widely used in textile machinery, machine tools and general power transmission.

V-belts and pulleys have two width systems, the reference width and the effective width. The reference width system defines the groove type and size of the pulley with the reference line position and the reference width. When the pitch of the V belt coincides with the reference diameter of the pulley, the reference width of the pulley is V The width of the corresponding position within the wheel is used to indicate the characteristic value of the wheel wheel section. It is not affected by the tolerance, is the basic size of the pulley and with the standard. The effective width of the provisions of the groove on both sides of the edge of the outermost width of the effective width. The dimensions are not affected by tolerances and the diameter at the effective width of the trough is the effective diameter.

Since the material of the V-belt is not completely elastomeric, the belt undergoes elongation and relaxation during working for a period of time, and the tension is reduced. Therefore, the V-belt should be provided with tensioning device to keep it working properly.

V belt tensioning device, generally should be installed in the loose side of the inside, so that only by the one-way bending to reduce the loss of life; the same time the tension wheel should also be as close as possible to reduce the impact on the package angle. When the V-belt drive in any one of the pulley's axis can not move, the length of the V-belt used to make the V-belt in a fixed position between the pulley loading and unloading, after loading, Its tension to the running state. The tension wheel can be adjusted within the adjustment of the tension force, including the adjustment of the V-belt elongation after use.