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Applicable Places of the Rubber V Belt


In the world of V belts, there are many different style […]

In the world of V belts, there are many different styles of belts, each belt is filled with specific needs. The Kevlar tape is used on machines with high impact loads. The belt is used on a machine that requires a lot of power. Also, the toothed Rubber V Belt is used on a machine having at least one small pulley. We will discuss the benefits of using a toothed v tape with a conventional v tape.

The most common types of drive systems that require a toothed v belt are roof air conditioning, home fans and washing machines. They use this type of belt because the diameter of the pulley connected to the drum or fan is usually less than 2 inches. When you have a small pulley, the belt must be made a very sharp bend to bypass it. Bending a v tape will produce a lot of heat, and may be relatively fast to make the belt deterioration.

Something may cause premature decomposition of the band v. If you change the belt more frequently, you may need to check the machine to see if it may cause this to happen. One of the most common and visible problems is worn or damaged by the pulley. You can use the pulley ruler to determine if the drive system is worn. If the side of the pulley does not touch the instrument, that may be your problem. This will also tell you if the pulley is damaged in any way. People will not immediately think of another reason is the bearing. When the bearing wears, the pulley does not rotate properly. All of which can cause the belt to fall off the backing.

Band v with a failure may be the next biggest factor is the installation is not correct. These belts must be mounted on the belt. Each machine should have some tension devices. To properly install these belts, loosen the pulley and pull the belt out of the pulley. This will ensure that the polyester / Kevlar rope in the belt does not rupture. When one or more drawstrings are broken on the belt, this will allow a portion of the belt to extend, allowing the backing to leave as time passes. There are other reasons that these belts may burst.