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An Unnamed Hero in Life-Drive Belt


A driving belt or, more commonly, drive belt is any bel […]

A driving belt or, more commonly, drive belt is any belt that transfers axial motion from a motor to another device. In car applications, a driving belt can take the form of either a V-belt or a serpentine belt and allows the motor to drive accessories such as an alternator, power-steering pump or air-conditioning compressor. V-and serpentine belts are made of rubber and can be reinforced with a variety of materials such as steel, polyester and other fibers.

V belt is still used in modern cars. It is called a V-belt because its cross-sectional view is similar to the letter V. V-belts are often used to power a single accessory, such as your vehicle's air conditioning compressor. They are very simple and suitable for V-shaped pulleys. Sometimes they are used in pairs on trucks or other powerful vehicles.

The toothed V-belt is used in high torque applications. Torque is essentially "turning force". They are also used on powerful engines and on motorcycles. This type of belt has teeth that fit into the grooves of a toothed pulley.

The belt usually fails because the belt is aged, brittle or rotting. They are very durable, but engine heat is usually not suitable for rubber and plastic parts in the engine compartment. How do you check your belt? Well, if you have a multi-ribbed belt such as a serpentine belt, look for missing chunks of rubber. Make sure there are no gaps between the ribs of the belt. For V-belts, look at the side wall of the belt. It should not have glossy or glazed. This means that the belt is slippery and may not be under the correct tension.

The serpentine belt is the most common type of belt used on most cars and trucks. These belts are named "serpentine" because, you guessed it, they are long and their routing through accessories is "snake-like". This type of belt usually powers a lot of accessories. The Rubber Drive Belts is very important because it provides power for your generator accessories.